a little introduction


I just wrote a massive post and then changed my mind because I was ranting too much. I'm going to try and limit myself word-wise on posts, else I'll end up writing thousands of words and no-one will ever bother reading them. So instead I will briefly introduce myself and my hopes for this blog.

I'm Aileen, I'm eighteen years old and I'm currently a full time student studying for the International Baccalaureate. I already use tumblr as a creative outlet, but wanted somewhere to write properly, so decided I'd return to Blogger and see how it goes. As I've got an insanely long summer ahead of me, I was thinking of making it a bit of a project. In another life I would've chosen to become a journalist, but I decided that my view of it was too unrealistic and that I'd only end up disappointing myself. So, instead, I chose a more stable career path that still interests me, knowing that I can pretend to be a journalist in my spare time. You can decide whether I'm a very good pretend journalist or not.

I love watching television and visiting the theatre and enjoy being able to share my experiences with other people, so this is most likely what will appear on the blog. It may well turn into a more regular and personal thing, though. I'm just going to see how things go. Whatever it is that I write about, I hope that it proves to be insightful and interesting.

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