finals are finished!


Today I took my final two International Baccalaureate exams. Two years of studying has worked its way up to this. And it's a bit of an anticlimax really. Yes, it feels wonderful to know that I no longer have exams looming over me and that I'm free to return to reading, watching films, drawing and baking, amongst other things, but because I didn't spend every hour of every day revising it just feels as though life's going on. For some, these next few weeks will be wonderful. I have certain friends who've worked so hard that I haven't seen them in about a month, minus being together in exams. I honestly hope that they get the results they deserve. But, although I have worked the hardest I've ever had to work for exams, I've still been watching television and going out with family and friends. And I love not having to go to school or, in this case, college. My GCSE summer of 2011 was the most wonderful thing. Though it was only two and a half months in comparison with the four that I've got now, I loved being able to sleep until midday and watch telly and just not really do a lot with my life. I have a feeling that now I'm older I'll find it more difficult, and I've set myself a list of things to do so that I don't waste away four months of my life, but I want to at least have a little bit of a rest. I think I'm deserving of it! Now just to wait for results and make potentially the biggest decision I've ever had to make: do I take that university place or not?

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