fond farewells


Today, I visited college to have tea and cake with my Spanish teacher. She wasn't my main teacher, but I would never have survived without her. She is a wonderful woman, and the fact that she treated us all to tea and cake as a well done for finishing the IB proves she has a heart of gold. We also gave presents to those teachers who we felt had really made an effort with us, and without whom we wouldn't have coped. As much as the teachers at college have not always been up to scratch, there are those who made a real difference and deserve to have something given back to them.

We did some last minute shopping to get a gift for said Spanish teacher and found a lovely polka dot scarf, which she loved - we were so glad! Our history teacher was given a personalised mug and a DVD of Anastasia. For the past two years my friend has been nagging him to let us watch Anastasia, as we study that period of Russian history, so that was the comic gift, and then we gave him a personalised 'Keep calm and drink green tea' mug as he always has to use everyone else's. He had a giggle with us and I think he appreciated our humour in them. Then we gave our English teacher her gifts. I cannot even describe how wonderful this woman is. She is an absolute life saver who works so hard and should be an inspiration to everyone. If, in the future, I love my job as much and work as hard as she does then I will be happy. We gave her a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful hardback copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets, a text which we studied in class. We had searched Google for an appropriate quote to write in it, so that we could make it extra special, and found one which we thought was perfect:
"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
William Arthur Ward

If ever there was an example of a 'great teacher', our English teacher would be it. She is a remarkable woman, and deserves every single wonderful thing that comes her way. I am sad that I will no longer be taught by her, but I know that I will never forget her. There are those that are simply teachers, and there are those who make a real impact on your lives. This lady is one who has made a real impact. I only hope that my English grade does her justice.

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