big night out


I always relish any chance to pick up my camera and try and get some photographs which I am proud of, and last night certainly gave me an opportunity to do this. Whipsnade were open for an evening with food, music and, of course, animals! It was a little more difficult than usual to photograph the animals as there was much less light, due to it being an evening event. This doesn't prove useful when you have to have a slower shutter speed in order to get a better photo and there are fast-moving animals everywhere. I did manage to get some decent photographs during the talks, though. I had a lovely evening - to be honest it's nice just to get out of the house now that I'm not at college - and forgot how much I love the zoo. My sister is a zoo fanatic (her fiancé proposed to her at the zoo and I think they'd be quite happy spending their lives travelling and visiting the zoos of the world) so she jumped at the chance for a special evening out at the zoo. It's good to spend time with her, as soon she'll be returning to her fiancé in Texas and I won't see her for another few months - and as soon as her visa's through, she'll be there permanently!

I used my Nikon D3000 with my Tamron 80-300mm lens for the photographs of the animals, and my iPhone for the ones of the lights. I am so grateful that I have my iPhone as my camera - it's so useful to just whip out and capture those small little things. I do love my DSLR, but it can be a bit of an effort to get it out and set things up. When I take photos on my DSLR, I tend to transfer them to my iPhone and use editing software on there. These photos were edited using VSCO Cam, which is a new app that I have downloaded, and I am quite pleased with the results. I do usually use Snapseed, though.

The Elephants were a bit sleepy because the zoo was obviously open later 
than usual and it was past their bedtime! They were yawning and rubbing
 their eyes with their trunks - super cute. 

I had definitely forgotten how much I love the Sealion show!

These lights were beautiful when we left. They were woven into the trees, 
lighting the path. When I'm older, I'd love to have a garden big enough to 
have some trees and lights - it creates an absolutely magical atmosphere.

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