the fault in our stars


I was really excited about getting back into reading once I'd finished the IB as over the past couple of years the only texts I've read are those which I have needed to for English. As much as I love reading, the majority of those texts were really not for me. I'm not really a classical literature kind of person. As much as I am grateful to have had the experience of reading them, I think it's probably unlikely that I'll read them again.

Anyway, it's been over two weeks and, until yesterday, I hadn't picked up a book. But when I did, I barely put it down. Okay, I did. But it only took me around six hours to read the whole thing. And that was in two sittings of two hours and four hours. Today, I read from maybe Chapter Six until the end and only stopped to pee and eat dinner. I don't often do that. I usually get into books, but I like savouring them - they tend to last a week or so. This wasn't savoured, rather devoured.

The fact that it has such a gripping storyline helped, but I think that the way that it is written is what really caught me. The words are absolutely beautiful. They gave me great cause to think about things. I can't even really put my reaction into words, and that's not a common thing. All that I can say for certain is that it is a fantastic book. Oh, and that John Green truly has a gift.

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