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I wrote the last post feeling a little disheartened about how little I was going to be travelling in comparison with my friends. I can't say that those feelings haven't gone away, but I spent last week in the Lake District with my wonderful friend Shanice and had an absolutely brilliant time.

I am proud of myself for having coped with the drive. The longest I have ever driven for is probably no more than an hour, and this journey took around six. It's certainly challenging, especially when you get stuck in motorway traffic jams in 30 degree heat, but it hasn't put me off driving. I still love it. And I knew that the views and experiences at the end of it would be worth it, so it didn't matter.
The view that met us when we arrived.

Cumbria has held a place in my heart for as long as I can remember. My Grandpa and his family originated from there, so it's sort of like the ancestral home, but I think that even if I didn't have the family connection it would be special. It's the most beautiful place in the whole of England, and I do aspire to live there one day. As much as I love being so close to London, I'm not really a huge lover of the south of England. The north has those beautiful glacial formations that made me fall in love with Iceland, so I think that's a part of why I love it so much. It's just so majestic.

We stayed in a Youth Hostel around the old coppermines in Coniston, which are about a mile up a track towards the peak of the Old Man of Coniston. Driving up the dirt track road to get there was certainly an experience - I was terrified we were just driving up the mountain and weren't actually going to find the Youth Hostel at the end of it. Thankfully we did, and we most definitely had A Room With A View.
 The Youth Hostel

The view from the window and our favourite waterfall.

Our week was spent exploring, and thankfully we were lucky with the weather. There was only one occasion when it rained while we were out, and that didn't last for long at all - definitely a bonus considering the forecast was solid rain all week. I came home with a very sunburnt face, so it can't have been all that bad! We visited the sea, climbed some way up the mountain, had a boat trip on a lake, wandered about the towns and visited the aquarium and the zoo amongst other things.

The day we climbed the mountain.

Our trip to the seaside - the beautiful weather is what caused the sunburn! 

Our visits to the aquarium and the zoo. So proud of myself for feeding the giraffe because I'm totally not an animal person!

We certainly had an eventful evening on Wednesday, when a man arrived at the Hostel in quite a state. He had been walking and had fallen, splitting his head open and slicing his chin. He looked as though he'd just walked out of the make up department of a slash horror film, and that is honestly no exaggeration. We were amazed that he'd managed to walk for half an hour just to reach the hostel, he was so badly hurt. Obviously head wounds do bleed severely, but I think that he'd lost at least a pint of blood if not more - he must have been running solely off adrenaline. People managed to patch him up, an ambulance was called and thankfully he was okay, but it most definitely made for an exciting dinner!

I returned home with wonderful memories, wonderful photographs and an even more profound love for the Lake District.
My feet on their travels (I find these make for good pictures and I always take them when my feet are in a new memorable place - go ahead and call me weird).

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