results are in!


Friday was a pretty important day in the calendar of all Henley College IB students: results day. I certainly wasn't looking forward to it. I got very little sleep, though I wasn't as worried throughout the day as I thought I would be. I was luckier than many others in that my university entrance requirements were to pass the Diploma, but I was certainly terrified that I hadn't done enough. I shouldn't have been. I achieved a really good result; perhaps not as good as it could have been, but certainly better than I expected. 

Diploma awarded with an overall points score of 34 (including 2 additional points for EE and TOK).
English A1 HL: 7
Visual Art HL: 5
History HL: 4
Spanish B SL: 6
Mathematical Studies SL: 5
Biology SL: 5
Extended Essay: B
Theory of Knowledge: B

That 7 in English is possibly my proudest academic achievement to date. Last year, only 2% of everyone who took HL English achieved a 7; that's around 800 people out of 42000. I have no idea what the statistics are for this year, but there's not often more than 4% of people who achieve it. It is known as being hugely difficult, and I have my English teacher to thank for being so wonderful and providing me with so much help when I needed it. When I saw that I'd achieved it, I honestly couldn't believe it; I nearly cried. I've only ever felt that way once before, and that was when I found out that I'd been made Head Girl. I then saw that I'd got a really good overall points score, and that I'd got a 4 or above in every subject and I was super happy. But I don't think I really got past the 7. I was a little annoyed with my Maths and Art results, but wasn't expecting to do so well in Biology, and I was so grateful that I got a 4 in History after all of my struggles with it. And I'm so glad I got a 6 in Spanish; my hard work paid off and I just hope that I can keep it up. I really am pleased with how I have done.

Having met the entrance requirements for my place at university, I think that I'm going to take it. Although I think I will miss English and Art, I can carry them on quite easily outside of my studies. I suppose it's the best of both worlds. And there's nothing to say that I won't ever do anything media based in the future. I just don't think that I should give up this place at university and a stable future career. Perhaps I will regret it, but I won't know until I try. 

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