Now that I've returned from Croatia and my busy weekend is over, I can get around to posting about holiday number two of the summer. I spent a week in Cornwall with my parents, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin, and it was lovely.

We stayed in the most beautiful house. It was owned by an artist and her husband, and the interior of the house was to die for. I could quite easily have lived in that kitchen for the rest of my life. The exterior wasn't too bad either (understatement of the century), and the view was amazing.
As a family, we are fairly proactive people, so holidays for us aren't really about sitting around all day doing nothing. I'm not saying that I can't do that (I'm the queen of lazing around on the sofa), but when I'm on a proper holiday I make the most of being in different surroundings. We visited so many different places during the week, and had so much fun. I always learn so much and have such a brilliant time on family holidays.

The weather just about held off for us, though it wasn't the beautiful sunshine that it had been. We can't complain though, because it wasn't torrential rain (which it had been when we were on holiday the year before).
Newquay Zoo. The Red Pandas were amazing! 
The National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. That baby seal was so adorable! 
Panning at a tin mine, a boat with my name, and my ridiculous father. 
The beautiful beaches and rivers of Cornwall
Port Isaac, possibly my favourite seaside location in England. I love this place. Even though a seagull did poo in my eye on this visit.

It's always wonderful to spend time rediscovering parts of the country that you've not visited in a while. I will always be grateful for having grown up in England, because it's so easy to travel to all four corners of the country. And there's a hell of a lot of beauty to be found. Thanks, England, for being so pretty. Even if you can be a little rainy sometimes.

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