Holiday number three of the summer was a visit to Croatia with my wonderful mama. We had to leave my papa behind because he's having to save up his leave for when we have to travel to America for my sister's wedding. Nevertheless, we still had a fantastic time, and I'm glad I've added Croatia to my list of travelled to places.

We had to do an overnighter to get to the airport in time for the flight, which was at ten to six in the morning. It wasn't too bad, because I'm much happier staying up than getting up early, but by midday I was very tired and we'd been waiting in the hotel for a couple of hours already. We had to wait until three o'clock for our room, and we pretty much got in, unpacked and then napped for a few hours because we were so tired. But it was nice to have arrived and settled rather than wasting a day at the airport and flying out.

Our hotel was situated in Cavtat, about half an hour outside of Dubrovnik, and it was absolutely stunning. It was lovely to be staying somewhere that wasn't heaving with tourists, but was still central enough to have good transport links and facilities.

Exploring Cavtat

We spent our time exploring Cavtat and Dubrovnik and visiting three of the islands in the Elaphiti archipelago on a galleon - I was a pirate for the day! It was a much shorter holiday than we usually spend abroad, so it was structured a bit differently, but it was actually a really lovely way of doing it. The main two outings were in the middle of the week and we had a day relaxing either side of that.

The history associated with Dubrovnik is absolutely amazing. It was wonderful to learn about something that, to be honest, I had absolutely no idea about before I visited. The war there took place in the early nineties, and ended only a year after I was born. It's a hugely complicated situation, and I couldn't even begin to recount what I learned, but it was brilliant to hear it from the viewpoint of someone who'd been a teenager in Dubrovnik during those horrendous years - our guide was said 'someone'. It's also an absolutely beautiful city, and clearly attracts a lot more people these days thanks to Game of Thrones (though I haven't seen the series and it was news to me that it's filmed there).
Our trip on the galleon was so much fun, and the kids that were on board loved being a pirate for the day. I think I secretly wished I could be little so it would have been acceptable to pretend to be a pirate! The islands which we visited were so beautiful, and reminded me a little of southern Italy. It was good to travel to places off the mainland, as Croatia is quite famous for its islands.
This was the other galleon - ours was prettier 
The beautiful islands of Koločep and Šipan
The sea is the most stunning blue that I have ever seen, and the sunsets are absolutely amazing. Being able to watch the sun set over the sea and behind the islands and fill the sky with red, orange and pink is certainly something I won't be forgetting in a long while.
It was most definitely a brilliant choice for a holiday destination, especially for me and mum travelling alone as we're not that confident - everyone speaks English and it's really easy to get around, as well as being absolutely gorgeous. It was only a shame that it wasn't the whole family on holiday and that we only got to spend six days there rather than our usual ten or eleven. Would I ever return? Yes. Definitely.

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