the twelfth doctor


I was genuinely nervous to discover who would take over the role of The Doctor. I think I was the same with who would take over from David Tennant, because he was 'my Doctor', as it were. When I found out it was going to be Matt I, like many, was all "Who the hell is he? He's never going to live up to David. What have they done?" He was a relatively unknown actor, as was David before him and, to an extent, Chris before him. But they chose well. Matt was a breath of fresh air, and is such a wonderful actor. I am grateful to Doctor Who for providing Matt with the platform to launch his career, though I'm sure his abilities would've meant that he could've managed to do that himself. 

I was hesitant about having a more seasoned actor playing The Doctor, but Peter Capaldi seems like he was born to play The Doctor. He's got the perfect mystery about him. When I heard the rumours it would be him, I wasn't completely opposed to it. Granted, he's certainly going to be hugely different, but change isn't always bad. I feel like it's going to be good. It will be nice to have the new dynamic between The Doctor and Clara (or any future companions) that the older age will bring. And I am hoping that the different aspects he will bring will allow Steven Moffatt to start creating more inspired scripts. Perhaps a more melancholy and mysterious Doctor will be Steven's forte. I don't know.

Peter's performance in The Hour is probably the only one that I have seen (other than roles in single episodes), and he's pretty good at what he does. Though I have seen bits and pieces of The Thick Of It and I love the GIFsets going round tumblr at the minute featuring his "Come the f**k in or f**k the f**k off" in relation to asking people to enter the TARDIS. Perhaps he will do such a crossover sketch one day. But for now, I think that perhaps he needs to leave Malcolm far behind him.

I'm just excited to see what Mr Capaldi brings to the plate. I've got a feeling it's going to be pretty good.

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