The fact that I've not properly started Uni yet, and am lazy as hell, means that I have found myself with a fair bit of time to kill in the flat. As usual, I've spent a lot of it watching telly or films, and today I chose to watch Once

I first heard the music when Arthur Darvill took over as Guy on Broadway at the beginning of the year and I spent a good hour or so on YouTube just listening to his wonderful voice singing those beautiful songs. I adore the voice of Mr Darvill - if you haven't heard the music he made as a teenager you should check it out - and would quite happily fly to New York City to see him on Broadway. Sadly, my funds don't quite stretch that far, so I have a feeling a trip to the West End may be in order. 

Anyway, back to the film. I have to say it is possibly the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Maybe because it's not filmed in super HD with amazing cameras so it's just like you're observing the lives of these two wonderful people rather than seeing these two actors portraying the lives of these two wonderful people. Or maybe it's because Hansard and Irglová are musicians before they're actors, so it's a little more awkward than you would expect. I don't know and, to be honest, I don't care. I just love it. I was totally rooting for Guy and Girl to get together. I hate John Carney for the end to that relationship though. It's not a horrible ending to a film at all - in fact it's quite a lovely one - but how can you do that?! Apologies for the lack of explanation, I'm trying not to spoil the story.

And the music. God, that music. Those two know how to write a song. And that's the understatement of the century. That beautiful singer/songwriter/folk kind of style. I love it.

Once has definitely joined a list of films I could easily watch over and over. And I am definitely going to book those tickets for Once the Musical. Hello, Christmas visit to London.

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  1. I hate to comment on all of your posts as I read them, (okay, maybe I don't because you like a lot of the same things as me), but that film was pretty incredible and I completely agree with you about the HD thing. I could never really put my finger on it, but I definitely love that about 'Once'.
    Great post!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read them all! It's a beautiful film - it's just so simple and lovely :) x