the start of a new adventure


So, this is it. My parents have returned home and I am all alone in my room in student halls. First impressions: lovely. Second impressions: my room is cold. But mostly it's lovely. I can turn up the heating. I still don't think my brain has quite got used to the fact that this is now my home. I'm not just here on holiday, I'm living here. Like, actually living here. Currently there's only me and one other guy in the flat, and I haven't really had the chance to speak to him. I feel like I'm being seriously antisocial, but I'm absolutely exhausted. I think my first night at uni is going to consist of a cup of tea, chocolate digestives, catch-up television and my bed. Wild, I know.

I start university on Tuesday. That's kind of terrifying. It's so soon. I'm not old enough or grown up enough to be doing this. But I am looking forward to it. It's a massive step for me - I'm the worst at going places and doing things by myself - but I will do it, and once I've settled in I'll be much more comfortable and hopefully I can properly enjoy living here and learning here.

I look forward to spending the next three years of my life in this city. You never know, it may be longer. Come on Birmingham, give me all that you've got.

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  1. Sounds like it will be a great adventure! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm planning on posting tomorrow or Sunday about my first week here, so keep a look out :) xx