university: week one


Yesterday, I enrolled at University. I am officially a student here. That's a little bit nuts, but also super good. I've got my student card back. And that means student discount. Hell to the yeah.

I've been here for a week and I've only been to the Bullring once. I'm impressed with myself. I could easily have walked down there on each one of my days off. But no, I've saved it for today. And I've only bought essentials. What is happening to me?! I'm pretty sure it won't be lasting very much longer. I love shopping a little too much.

That aside, I'm still alive! I've survived my first week of living sans parents. It's really not been that bad. I still don't quite feel 100% certain of myself, and whether I've made the right choices, but I think that after a few weeks of proper lectures and things I'll be grand.

I did buy my first (and probably only, considering the price of them) textbook today, and it has both excited and terrified me. It's super interesting, and I'm really looking forward to learning all that stuff, but how the hell am I going to do it? What have I let myself in for?!

I also bought my shoes for placement. They are unbelievably sexy. Okay, that's a lie. But they are potentially the comfiest shoes that I have ever owned and, considering I will be on my feet from 9 'til 5 Monday to Friday while I'm on placement this year, I reckon I'll be grateful. Noone can see your feet under the man trousers anyway. I mean, the tunic that we have to wear isn't even that bad (save the yellow piping - why my university chose the yellow rather than the blue I'll never know), but the trousers aren't the greatest. Tiny little understatement there. I'm sure I'll get used to it, and it's definitely smart and practical, but I won't be winning any beauty contests, I can tell you that.

This induction week has made me a little more anxious than I was before, but they did say that it's a fairly normal reaction. I can tell that this course is going to be pretty intense. I'm just hoping that my scientific brain appears and shows everyone what it can do. And it isn't exactly a rubbish scientific brain. I just think that the artistic and linguistic side takes over.

I do feel like I've made progress this week, though. I like being in known environments. That's where I feel comfortable. As soon as I'm put somewhere that I don't know, I get worried. I don't like doing things by myself. But I have done things by myself, and I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a little. I know that placement is going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I can't stay in one place my whole life.

Looking back on this post, it's not even been a very interesting week! It's certainly been a tiring one - new places, adrenalin etc. - but I think I'm glad I've done it. I'm still not used to sleeping with all the traffic noise though. Take me back to the countryside!

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