a bootiful season


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Every time a new season arrives, I decide it's my favourite. I love spring because you leave the darkness of winter and new life is breathed into the world again. I love summer because it's full of fun and holidays and the weather warms up (if you're lucky - thanks England) so you can wear a whole new wardrobe. I love autumn because of the crispness and the fallen leaves and the fact it's acceptable to wear big, woolly jumpers and cosy scarves again. And I love winter because of the cold air and Christmas and happiness and snow. But autumn's my favourite. At least until winter arrives, anyway.

It's now well into Autumn and the weather has finally started to turn. We had a weirdly warm October. I was walking to uni without a coat because I was getting too hot. Then it just turned cold overnight. And that meant that I could start to wear my winter clothes again. I love knitwear. It's my absolute favourite. But I also love boots, and autumn is when they start to reappear. They are my current obsession. Especially ankle boots. I only own two pairs, and only one of those are rain proof - a necessity when you live in England. I wear them a lot, but it can get a little boring when you've only got two pairs to choose from. I like variety! So I've been lusting after several pairs lately. I had to narrow down this list a lot. And I mean a lot. It's probably been reduced by three. If not more. Oops. Anyway, I love all of these. I'm neither rich enough nor brave enough to own and wear them all, but that doesn't mean I can't want them!

  1. Beautifully versatile, but perfect with jeans and a woolly jumper. Love!
  2. I am a massive fan of H&M shoes. So much so that I usually run them to the ground before replacing them. These are also pretty versatile, and could be dressed up as well as down. And they're rain proof too!
  3. I'm definitely not brave enough to wear these. Or at least I don't think I am. But I love them. Look at the colour, and the glittery sole! And the crushed velvet is beautiful. I hate the feel of it, but that doesn't matter when it's on your feet!
  4. These are way out of my price range, but they're so beautiful. Zara are so good at creating sophisticated fashion, and these are a prime example. Burgundy deliciousness in the form of an ankle boot. A perfect autumnal colour!
  5. A splash of colour from Pull & Bear. Brilliant for brightening up an outfit when it's getting dark outside.
EDIT: I have since purchased the H&M boots and am so pleased with them. The heel is quite high for me (I'm tall so don't wear them often) but they're super comfy and I don't think it'll take long for me to get used to it. I'm looking forward to wearing them!

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