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'Carrie Lloyd had an itch her luxurious lifestyle just couldn't scratch. Until she discovered religion isn't so uncool after all...'

When I read through the latest edition of Company  the other day, the last thing I was expecting to find was an article with that as the strapline, and 'Jesus Loves Fashion' as the title. But I did. After the initial surprise, I read it. And I was happy.

I think it was a pretty forward thinking and brave decision to feature such an article. It's a shame that I have to categorise it as 'forward thinking'. In this day and age, where we are all taught to accept people for who they are no matter what, featuring an article on religion (of any kind) should not be a surprise. But in a magazine which is focused primarily on fashion and celebrity, it would not appear to be top of the list. Victoria White (the editor) allowed two full pages of precious editorial space to be consumed by an article which showed Christianity to be exciting and intriguing for a young, fashion focused woman, in a magazine predominantly aimed at those same women. Many will have read 'Jesus' in the title of that article and chosen not to continue, but I hope that others were intrigued and looked a little further.

It doesn't force religion on anyone, or tell them that their lifestyle isn't right and that they should be searching for Jesus. Instead, it tells the story of a woman who needed something more in her life and found it in religion. And that she shared that experience with many like-minded people, who 'wore clothes that Karl Lagerfield wouldn't complain about' and were 'searching for a meaning outside of the material world that surrounds us.' It upturns the conventional view of Christians, and makes it seem a much more acceptable thing.

I love that it's being put out there as something that's acceptable. I still feel as though many people perceive Christians wrongly. It's often difficult to admit to being a Christian as people immediately change how they view you. You become something different just because of your beliefs - why should that make you any less of a person? To many people, Christians aren't cool. But this article aims to challenge that. Carrie has no qualms about letting everyone know that it's okay to believe, without being overly 'religious' in the way she does it. There are no Bible verses quoted or recommendations made; rather, a story about a random act of kindness proves her point that 'when love manifests itself... you can't help but keep the momentum going.' In discovering Jesus, she found the peace, love and positivity that was needed in her life.

This article has made me love Company  even more than I already do. It is a magazine that understands and respects young women, featuring articles about ladies who have achieved top jobs for huge companies and young actresses who are showing the world what they can do. It shows us that dreams can become reality; work hard and you will achieve. It promotes positive body image and acceptance of everyone. It says to people that it's okay to be clever, to like books or to be a fangirl, and that it's also okay to let everybody know about it. And now it's a magazine that lets people know it's okay to be a Christian and it's just as okay to tell the world. And that's pretty damn cool if you ask me.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog- hello!
    What a great article. I think christianity has a stigmatism to it that you have to be frumpy and boring. Not true! Awesome post.

    1. I'm glad you stumbled! Hope it was worth it :)

      Yes, it was a brilliant read. You're totally right. I even think the draft of this post contained the exact same sentiment about people thinking you've got to be frumpy and boring. So sad. But hopefully more things like this will prove people wrong!

      Thanks for stopping by!