On Sunday, my lovely papa paid me a visit. He was delivering my new debit card. Because I'm clever and left my old one in the supermarket. As you do. Anyway, he fancied walking down through Digbeth a little bit. I haven't been that way yet as I've only wandered into town by myself and I wasn't quite brave enough to venture that far, but I knew that I wanted to as Cow have a shop on the High Street.

Boy am I grateful that I went in. I will probably now end up spending all of my student loan on their clothing. It's dangerous. About a minute after walking in the door I wanted everything. The knitwear. Oh, the knitwear. I'm a sucker for knitwear. I love winter. I get to wear jumpers every day. Anyway, basically straight away I saw the most beautiful pair of jeans. I've been wanting a pair of 'mom' jeans for a little while now, but I've been trying to avoid spending £40 on a pair from Topshop - basically the only nice pair that I could find. So I pulled them of the rail and instantly wanted them. They've been dyed or something so that they're a turquoise blue kind of colour, but still have natural indigo denim underneath. I love how they're not just plain denim - yes, that goes with everything, but it's nowhere near as fun! And then when I tried them on and they fitted properly (and made my arse look amazing) it was true love. My dad offering to buy them as a birthday gift only made the situation ten times better. I do love my family.
I wore them today and they're super comfy, as well as being pretty beautiful. I have a feeling that I may be wearing them a lot. Cow will now be my go-to place for more offbeat stuff. Hello to the start of a new love affair, I say.

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