artist of the week: alice x zhang


I feel like I'm not blogging enough at the minute, so I've decided that this month I'm going to do a weekly feature: artist of the week!

I love drawing. And I particularly love drawing people. I find inspiration in famous faces, mostly because images of them are readily available. But there's a difference between being able to draw someone, even if you can draw it well, and being able to create art like that of Alice X Zhang. I discovered her through tumblr a fair while ago and was instantly blown away by how stunning her work is. It's her use of colour that really gets me. I would kill to be able to use colour like she can. It adds a whole new dimension to the work. I really, truly love it. 

A lot of her work can probably be classified as 'fanart', and I think she classifies herself as a fan artist, but I don't think that it matters. It provides her with the inspiration to create such beautiful pieces of work, and I think it has also helped her to get the publicity that she deserves. She's even been licensed by the BBC and commissioned by Big Chief Studios to create Doctor Who and Sherlock artwork - any fan's dream! She has met actors who she admires and has gained their appreciation and admiration for her work (well deserved, in my opinion). I don't think I need to say a lot to let you know just how talented she is. All I need to do is showcase her work.
Alice's series being created for Big Chief Studios. The image of the 11th Doctor is the first piece of her work 
that I ever saw. I think you can see why I fell in love instantly. That use of colour and light is honestly magical.
More work inspired by Doctor Who. That one of Amy from 'Vincent and The Doctor'. Ugh. How is that allowed? 
So beautiful.
Work inspired by Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch has seen this and I think his reaction was pretty awesome.
Loki and the Supernatural guys. Seriously. The colours and the light. Can you not, Alice.
Les Misérables and Slumdog Millionaire artwork. Do you see what I mean about the colours yet? THE COLOURS. 
I'll stop now. But, really. Just look. So gorgeous. The image of Latika on the right is possibly my favourite. 
It captures the beauty and joy of that moment so well.

I honestly think that this young lady is my favourite artist. There isn't a piece of her work that I dislike. It's all just so beautiful. I'm so grateful that I discovered her tumblr. I have a hell of a lot to thank that website for, I can tell you.

All images copyright Alice X. Zhang

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