artist of the week: joëlle poulos


I went to the same college as this lovely lady and I used to sit in art lessons and stare at her work wishing that I could create something so beautiful. She is hugely talented, and I know that she's going to do just fine in the art world. Oh, and she drives a gorgeous vintage VW Beetle. What more could you ask for?

In her own words, Joëlle is 'obsessed with the dark and twisted'. While that does show in her work, I don't think you should be put off by it. It creates a kind of ethereal beauty that might not otherwise be there. Her love for photography shines through in her wonderful creations. Her quirky self portraits are probably my favourite - I know of few people brave enough to portray themselves in the way that Joëlle does. By no means is every piece of her work influenced by her love of things more sombre or quirky, however. Beautifully delicate watercolours and large, bold abstract paintings are also in her portfolio. It's the sheer diversity of her talent that makes her so wonderful. She's most definitely one to keep an eye on.

All images copyright Joëlle Poulos.

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