a creative christmas


About a year ago (maybe a little more, I lose track) I began to read Love Taza, the blog of Naomi Davis. I think that it will always be my favourite, probably because it was the first blog of that kind that I read. But through her blog, I have discovered so many more. A Beautiful Mess is one such blog (how I had never even heard of this blog before, let alone read it, beats me) and possibly my favourite part of it are the home style and do it yourself features. I absolutely love everything that Elsie and Emma do with their homes and studio to personalise them, and all of their projects have inspired me to be a little more creative with things that I wouldn't perhaps usually be. So as Christmas arrived and I saw everyone getting a little excited about decorating their trees and things, I decided that I was going to put a little more effort into my gifts this year and make my own wrapping paper. I knew that I wanted to use kraft paper (I love that stuff), and so, after scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided on a relatively simple Christmas tree potato print design.

Cutting the potato was probably the most difficult bit, just because it's fiddly. I made a tree and a star, but only the tree worked. I did find that the prints came out better when the potatoes were dryer (I did my printing in two lots), so I'd probably have done better if I'd made the potato printers a day earlier. I cut my paper to size before printing, partly so that each present has a different pattern but also because I don't have enough space to print three metres of paper all at once. I went for standard Christmas colours, using white and green for the paper and red for the tags (which I made using more kraft paper), and just used repeating patterns to decorate. I bought some white and gold twine, gold ribbon and red polka dot washi tape for the finishing touches. I am so pleased with how these turned out - I kind of want to wrap something for myself!
Although it's only really my family who are receiving gifts this year (this is what happens when you're on a student budget), I think it's made them a bit more personal and hopefully people will appreciate the extra effort that I've put in. I like to think that I would!

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  1. Oh my, I love this idea for wrapping paper. And I think it's funny. I discovered Naomi through Elsie and Emma's instagram. I adore her blog. I love your template art -- specs, glasses -- ours are similar! ;) all lovely! glad to have found your blog!

    1. Thank you! Oh, that's cool - I love how one blog leads to another and then another and before you know it you read far too many! Thank you, I'm glad that you like it all :) xx

  2. SO CUTE! love love love this. I think it was totally worth the effort carving out the shape :)