a very merry christmas


So this is three weeks late but I reckon you can deal with it.

Until this year, I don't remember having spent a Christmas at home. We have always been with other family before, but this year we were left to spend Christmas as just the four of us. It will be the last time this happens what with my sister getting married in April, and it was really lovely to have Christmas actually at home.

We went to Midnight Mass at the local church on Christmas Eve. I love going to this service - as much as I find Church of England services a little unrelatable, there's something magical about attending the service and seeing in Christmas day that way. It was really cloudy before we went in - even a little warm - and I felt decidedly un-Christmassy, but when we came out it was freezing cold and the sky was perfectly clear - it was wonderful. Our day consisted of opening stockings, going to the morning service at our usual church, opening all our presents together, eating a wonderful Chritsmas dinner (my dad is a pretty good cook) and then settling down to watch Christmas telly - Christmas wouldn't be the same without it!

I got a new camera lens for Christmas, and I am already so excited by the photos I've got out of it and the difference it has made! I look forward to being able to use it properly - out and about rather than just at home. I also got a really cool lamp from my sister and her fiancé and it's like a little house and you put a book on it to make the roof - so cool! Oh, and a 500g bar of chocolate coated marzipan (my favourite sweet thing ever). Half a kilo of it. HALF A KILO. I'm quite impressed I haven't eaten it all already.

We went totally hilarious this year and bought ourselves comedy Christmas jumpers. They are pretty great though. I look forward to wearing them for years to come.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant new year.

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