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I have officially become a commuter.

I know at roughly what time we should arrive at each station. I know which albums are just long enough so that I don't have to change music during my train travel. And, most importantly, I know exactly where to stand on the platform so that the doors stop right in front of me. Almost.

It's all a little embarrassing really. I never thought that I'd be commuting at the age of 19 whilst still at university. In fact, I'm not sure I ever thought I'd be commuting at all. Yes, I love the idea of living in the countryside and working in a city, but I wasn't expecting to be doing it the other way around and quite so soon.

I spent the first week getting back into the routine of things, which meant sleeping on the train. Getting a couple of extra hours' sleep in during the day was what got me through. But, actually, I feel better having spent a week not doing that. Instead, I'm devoting those hours to reading. And it's brilliant.

I have missed reading. When I was a kid I used to devour books (not literally, you understand). Getting completely lost in a book is one of the best things ever. But now that I'm older, I don't devote enough time to reading. And it makes me kind of sad. I have a pile of books that I've bought but haven't read, and a few favourites that I'd like to read again. And, thanks to my daily commute, hopefully I'll be able to.

Travelling for so long each day may have its downsides but, when it has upsides like this, you can't complain.

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