once: the musical


I have a friend who adores any man with an Irish accent. Add the fact that they can sing and I'm fairly sure she'd be falling over with joy. I almost was last Saturday when I took my mum and dad to see Once in London.

I watched the film after hearing the music, and I heard the music after Arthur Darvill was cast as Guy on Broadway. I so desperately wanted to see him perform, but there was no way I was going to be able to. And then I thought I'd stick it out in the hope that, once his run on Broadway ended, he'd return to good old Blighty and give it a go in the West End. They say patience is a virtue, and that certainly rang true when he was announced as taking over the role of Guy at the Phoenix Theatre in London. I immediately knew that I had to find a way to go and see him, and as Mother's Day was just around the corner I decided I'd take my mum and dad to celebrate (clearly I was primarily thinking of them - caring to the last).

It was truly wonderful. I kind of knew what to expect as I've seen the film and own the soundtrack, but the music is so much more magical when it's live. I wasn't sure how my mum would react to the music, but she actually really liked it. I knew my dad would enjoy it as he's really into folk, but he almost liked it more than I thought he would. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. And to hear Arthur actually sing live was amazing. He has the best voice for these kind of vocals - my dad called him a 'proper troubadour' - and his musicianship is awesome. In fact, everyone's musicianship was awesome. It's so cool that it's everyone playing on stage and it's just a kind of 2 hour jam. I feel like it's the kind of show you could see over and over again and no two nights would ever be the same so it wouldn't matter in the slightest. Give the video a watch and you might see why!

I preferred the musical in terms of elaborating on the stories of the characters - it just makes for better viewing, really. The additional characters felt more important and the loose ends which I felt were there in the film seemed to be tied up a little more in the musical. It just made for a really lovely and enjoyable watch.

We all had an absolutely wonderful evening, and I'd most definitely go and see Once again. And maybe again. And then probably again. I can't get enough of that music. And that man with a Dublin accent. Oh my.

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