my big sister's wedding


I don't even know where to begin, or how to begin, or when to begin. What a day. I have never seen my sister smile so much. There was so much joy in every single moment.
The weather was wonderful. The ceremony was wonderful. The decoration was wonderful. The food was wonderful. The speeches were wonderful. Have you got the idea yet that it was a pretty wonderful day all round?
A spider wanted its five minutes of fame during the ceremony.
It wouldn't have been Zoe and Nolan's wedding without hilarious photos.
We'll try and avoid the fact that it's totally obvious these aren't photos taken by Brent.

So much effort was put into every single part of it. They're a creative bunch. There were amazing giant metal letters, photos from past family weddings, chandeliers, fairy lights, bunting (so much bunting), and even embroidered Converse - my sister always said that she was going to walk down the aisle wearing Converse. The photographer said that it was like a wedding found in editorials. It was amazing. It had my sister written all over it. Colour and creativity and cake. What more could you want?
Bursting with beautiful creativeness, I tell you! And some rings. Just cos.
Three dapper gentlemen making three wonderful speeches.
This is what my sister looks like when she's happy, being cheeky, and trying not to cry (not all at the same time, might I add).

It meant a lot for both Zoe and Nolan to have friends over from England to be able to share the day with them, and I think it meant a lot to their friends as well. Something would have been missing had it not happened. Aside from travelling from England, people came from all over to celebrate. Nolan's family is huge (like, stupidly huge), so there were plenty of guests from his side to make up for the lack of them on Zoe's. Texans are a wonderfully friendly bunch, so you know you're going to have a hell of a good time when there's a whole heap of them together.
I felt kind of odd after the ceremony was over, and I think it's because it hit me that Zoe was there to stay, that she was moving forward in her life, and I wasn't going to see her again for a long time. It shocked me - I wanted to feel happy, and I did, I really did, but there was a part of me that was upset, and confused. It made me realise that I need to treasure every single moment that we get to spend together, and I know full well that her wedding day will be one such day.
Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Griffin. You make a pretty cute pair!

Photos: Brent Hughes - the guy did an amazing job!

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