texas, take two!


Just thought I'd entice you with a delightful photo, there. I'm afraid she's taken, but I'm open to offers. Please, not all at once.

Anyway, I thought it was about time that I wrote about my lovely sunny holiday to Texas. Other than the fact there was a kinda really quite important reason for going over there - I guess your sister's wedding is a pretty big event - it was lovely to spend time with friends and family and get away from everything for a little while.

We fitted in as much as we could whilst we were there. It was a whistle stop tour of Texas. Okay, a whistle stop tour of a very small part of the North East corner of Texas. Basically, it was everything I did in September. And then some. But there's nothing that you're not going to want to do every time you go visit. And it was wonderful to see Texas during the spring, when things are actually alive! We did far too much for me to write all about, so I'll leave it to the photos and a tiny bit of elaboration.
Dallas Zoo. Come on, how could you not?! I aim to visit every time I go and see Zoe and Nolan. I'm sure they won't complain. It was nice not to have to wander round in temperatures of 100+, mind you!
The Rodeo (could so totally do that every week), Stockyards (still love it there), and a slightly disappointing baseball match. The evening that we happened to go was the one evening that the Rangers lost. Boo. And the temperatures got down to freezing. Double boo. But it was an experience. Let's go Rangers, let's go!
Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Even more beautiful when things are blooming.
Downtown Forth Worth (I think I could wander round there all day), the JFK memorial in Dallas, a drive in movie theatre (pretty darn cool), and Waxahachie (totally straight out of the movies - my mum was convinced that the buildings were just facings held up by wooden framework).
The aquarium. Featuring a manatee. For something so huge, it was kind of graceful. And the new Mrs Griffin felt the need to stake her claim on the road right outside.
It was lovely to spend so much time with my cousin, Gemma, and her husband, Matt. She and Zoe are super duper close, and they always promised each other they'd be maid of honour at one another's weddings, so it was really wonderful that it was able to happen.
I can't for the life of me understand why she'd want to live there.
Old family and new family all together. And those tshirts in the bottom photo are the best thing ever, and were bought for us by Nolan's mum, Betty (A.K.A Superwoman and Hostess of the Century, amongst many other things) - they read 'Keep Calm and Say Y'all'. I think we should wear them to every single family get together.
Meet Beyoncé (the strong, independent woman) and Squiggles. Why have you named these pigs?, I hear you ask. Well, on our first full day in Texas, Nolan shot a couple of pigs (they're pests in Texas, before you start shouting). Anyway, one of them happened to be a mama pig (and she was very tasty, too), so Zoe gained herself four babies in one go. She fell in love instantly - they are pretty cute - and has taken them under her wing. They're gonna get ugly, and then they'll be made into sausages, but, for now, they're keeping her company. 
And on that note, though not entirely related to my trip, meet Albie. It took Zoe less than three weeks to find herself a new man, in the form of an adorable Basset Hound pup. Look at his little face. They make a pretty cute set, don't you think?

Coming home from this visit was the hardest thing ever - 'accidentally' missing the plane was very tempting. The sunshine and happy times and lack of worries had been absolutely wonderful. I know that another trip to Texas is a pretty long way off, but when it does arrive I'll certainly be looking forward to it. They may even have got some new animals at the Zoo by then!

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