last week


I would like to dedicate this post to the wonderful weather that has been gracing England for the past few weeks. For one thing, it's been lovely to be able to leave the house without needing a coat. I've been on placement since Easter, which has meant spending all of my day inside not being able to enjoy the sunshine. I had a bit of time off last week and planned a trip home - I'd been praying that the weather would hold up, and it did as it was asked for once.
I had the best week filled with barbecues, picnics, laughter and sunshine. I caught up with friends, some of whom I've not seen in nearly a year, and enjoyed my time being back in the Oxfordshire countryside. Driving in weather like this is one of my favourite things; windows down, good music on, sunshine out - there's nothing better.
Me and my mum had planned to spend Saturday in London enjoying the gorgeous sunshine that was supposed to be out. Gorgeous sunshine? Not so much. Lovely day in London? Most definitely. We were disappointed to discover on arrival that we'd missed Trooping the Colour - we love a good Royal event (who doesn't?!) - but we managed to catch the fly past and see Queenie and the gang wave goodbye from the balcony, so it wasn't a total failure. We visited Cath Kidston's 180 Piccadilly store (three stories of Cath - absolute heaven!), came across a naked bike ride (to much bemusement and hilarity, and a little bit of disgust at the fact that some were riding Boris Bikes - totally unsanitary), explored the Regent Street Anthropologie (I could quite happily live there), roamed Covent Garden (where we once again came across the naked people on bikes - too much nakedness for one day), wandered by the river (it's never a proper trip to London if you've not seen the river), and got a ridiculously amazing deal on War Horse tickets (which is one of the most fantastic plays around - those puppets truly are something else). It was just a really lovely day. Me and my mum both commented on how the atmosphere felt completely different to usual; shop assistants were far too cheery to be working in London, and everyone just seemed more upbeat - the sunshine seemed to be having a very positive effect. There's something about London that we both love, and it's great to be able to spend time together enjoying it all. We've already planned on making at least one more trip in the summer!

The following photograph features naked people on bikes, and for that I do apologise. I just couldn't not show you that the World Naked Bike Ride is actually a thing!
With Sunday being Father's Day, we took my dad out for dinner. We ate amazing food in an amazing pub and it was a really wonderful afternoon. He has put up with a hell of a lot from me this year, and I am so grateful that he is always there for me. I thanked him for it in his card from me, and his response was "it's just what dads are supposed to do". It may well be what they're supposed to do, but it doesn't mean they have to. Thank you for being the absolute best, Papa Marr.
The end of year one at university is in sight - only four more weeks until I can relax. This year has been mentally tough, and I've gone through things I never thought I'd go through, but it's flown by. I'm looking forward to a summer spent getting some much needed R&R and preparing myself for year two. The sunshine is certainly helping to keep my spirits up - I hope it's doing the same for you!

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