you know you missed me


I am officially the worst blogger ever. Many apologies. Here I am providing you with a big old catch up post, and then we can get back to the present day.
I love being home. I don't think I remember such a beautiful summer in a long time. Being able to eat outside almost every night made it feel like we were abroad. And most importantly, there was no rain. I'm really not a rain person. I get that it's necessary, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. It makes me miserable. This summer without it was glorious. These fields are five minutes walk from my house. Just look at them. I'm most definitely a country girl at heart. The big city is magical, but I couldn't cope without escaping to the country.
Two trips to London during my 6 weeks off! I was well and truly spoiled. We took a visit to see the newly reopened Imperial War Museum which was worth it just for the architecture. Highlights were the First World War and Holocaust exhibitions. Absolutely worth a visit, especially considering it's free. Trip number two was a visit to the theatre. Me and my mum spent the day in London (after a ridiculous parking/train catching nightmare) and walked through Kensington Gardens which was really lovely. My dad then joined us in the evening and we watched Great Britain at The National. What a play. Absolutely hilarious and then you get a massive smack in the face at the end. If you get the chance to see it, do.
It was my mum and dad's anniversary at the beginning of August so I joined them for a long weekend away, which was really nice. We stayed in Hereford, but this photo was taken just across the Welsh border, I think. We visited Llanthony Priory which was absolutely stunning - if ever you're in that part of the world, go and take a look!
We once again went on holiday with the family, and spent an amazing two weeks in Exmoor. I totally fell in love with the place. I've always preferred being up north for holidays - the Lake District will forever be my favourite - but this swayed me a little more towards the holidaying down south idea. We were right by Lynmouth, and Exmoor just kind of fell into the sea. You went from breathtaking moorland to beautiful seascapes in the turn of a head. And we were lucky enough to stumble across this group of Exmoor ponies on the moor one day - they were a delight to watch. It was really tough leaving as I'd had such a lovely time!
Three weeks ago, I moved back to Birmingham to begin year two at university. It's going to be a seriously tough one, but I'm not giving up now! I spent a lot of time decorating my room this year to try and make it a lot more homely and I'm chuffed with how it's turned out. It's a lot smaller than last year's room, but it's really cosy. Give me all that you've got, year two - I'm ready for you (I think)!

And so that ends this catch up post. I'm sure you're really glad that you made it through. Just be grateful that I stuck to limited photos.

All being well, I'll post more frequently now that the backlog's cleared. ¡Hasta luego, amigos!

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