george ezra


Saturday evening brought with it another trip to The Institute, this time to marvel at the man that is George Ezra. He may only be 21 but, with the voice of someone 40 years his senior, he has something hugely unique going for him. The audience served as proof of why he has done so well in such a short space of time; there was no real demographic - it was just a group of people who really love decent music. Rae Morris proved herself to be the perfect support act, with a voice powerful enough to rival that of George. Add to that the fact that merging their names forms Ezrae, and you've got a pretty good set up going.

The venue was absolutely electric from the moment you stepped inside, and the evening didn't disappoint. Rae Morris opened with a beautiful set, showing her skill on both keys and vocals - my goodness does that girl have a voice! She has performed with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club in the past, but she can certainly stand on her own two feet. From current single Closer to the ridiculously catchy Do You Even Know?, she had the place captivated from start to finish (and had me captivated with her hair - I want them curls). It's lovely to think that George once supported Rae on tour, and he's now returning the favour. Musical companionship at its best.

The noise that filled the place when George Ezra walked on stage belonged in an arena. It's not taken long for him to find his feet, and in a few months time he'll be playing at the O2 Academy here - a venue double the size of The Institute, if a little less pretty. From the cheeky little 'hallo' to the final 'thank you', he stole the stage, seeming instantly at ease in the way that he chatted. He was onto a winner from the off, beginning with the rip roaring Cassy O', and things only got better from there. Taking us on a voyage through the album, lesser known songs were played amongst all the big ones, and his cover of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun played host to the loudest singalong of the night. Blame It On Me had the entire venue bouncing, Budapest heralded a massive roar (and a massively out of tune set of oooh-ooohs), and Did You Hear the Rain?, the final song of the evening, had me weak at the knees - the gorgeous a capella section can be likened to nothing other than caramel - smooth and rich and wonderfully dreamy. I left the place wanting more, living off a caramel-induced high for several hours after. It was a privilege to witness such talent.

It's official: with a signature guitar-swinging dance, Sir Ian McKellen featuring in his new music video, and wandering round on stage drinking mugs of tea, George Ezra is the sassiest chap in the business.

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