the february playlist


Judging by the sheer amount of nothingness I have posted since the January playlist went up, it's a good job I decided to do this thing. Many apologies and all that jazz (unintentional yet appropriate musical pun).

Is it bad that I'm not ashamed to admit two of these songs are from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack? It's clearly going to be the best thing about that film. Beck (sorry, who?) totally needed to feature following the Grammys situation, Milky Chance are currently providing a much needed February pick up, and I'm enjoying the best fiver I've spent this year with Rumours on vinyl - Fleetwood Mac will never get old. Oh, and one last thing: Tobias Jesso Jr. is astonishingly perfect.


01 // Morning :: Beck
02 // Earned It :: The Weeknd
03 // Oceans :: Seafret
04 // Sea Creatures :: SOAK
05 // Flashed Junk Mind :: Milky Chance
06 // Love Me Like You Do :: Ellie Goulding
07 // Conrad :: Ben Howard
08 // Midnight :: Tor Miller
09 // How Could You Babe :: Tobias Jesso Jr.
10 // Songbird :: Fleetwood Mac

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