the april playlist


Easter weekend was spent on holiday with my mum and dad and it couldn't have been more needed or more wonderful. The weather the past week or so has been absolutely beautiful. I just hope that we don't have all the good weather now and absolutely none of it in the summer. A rainy fortnight in the Lake District is not what I want!

With upbeat weather comes upbeat music, so it features a little more heavily on this playlist. The tune by Circa Waves makes me dance around my room like a madwoman, as does Jess Glynne's contribution, and I had to include Coldplay here after I heard it on the radio again the other day whilst the sun was shining and everything seemed right with the world - it's just one of those songs. I never thought Keira Knightley would feature, but after watching Begin Again twice now I've kinda fallen for the music a little bit (though it will never beat Once, try as it might). The Staves and Denai Moore have provided me with some beautiful new music, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new Maccabees album sounds in full. Sufjan Stevens features courtesy of Dermot O'Leary (as is the situation with many an artist in my music library), and Hudson Taylor (after two years of waiting) thanks to my best friend who seems to have a fantastic ear for picking up the next big thing - I have heard Bastille, Sam Smith and Hudson Taylor played in her car well before they've hit the mainstream. And I find that you can never go wrong with a bit of Simon & Garfunkel.


01 // T-Shirt Weather :: Circa Waves
02 // Marks To Prove It :: The Maccabees
03 // Steady :: The Staves
04 // The Place I Called Home :: Hudson Taylor
05 // No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross :: Sufjan Stevens
06 // A Step You Can't Take Back :: Keira Knightley
07 // America :: Simon & Garfunkel
08 // No Light :: Denai Moore
09 // Hold My Hand :: Jess Glynne
10 // A Sky Full of Stars :: Coldplay

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