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The past month has been decidedly uninteresting. Not in a bad way, I hasten to add. I've done some lovely things, like see both James Bay and Laura Marling in concert (not simultaneously, just FYI), but I've also had two assignments due, spent three Saturdays on placement, and been panicking about impending exams. Oh, and I did that voting thing. Fat lot of good that was. Perhaps 'uninteresting' is the wrong word, but I don't know what else fits so it's what you're having.

I have, however, been introduced to some lovely new music this month one way or another. Billie Marten, Andreas Moe and Eaves have all come my way thanks to BBC Radio 1 (read: Fearne Cotton - I'm gonna miss that lady when she's gone). That may well be the same for Flo Morrissey, too. Both Wildwood Kin and Immy Williams were discovered through Facebook - the latter is a cousin of my flatmate, I do believe, and the former are a fellow Exeter-based band of an old classmate. They are equally as wonderful as each other, though Immy's song has really found a place in my heart. Matt Maltese studied at my old college, and I am a tiny bit in love with his new song. Gill Landry was the marvellous support for Laura Marling, who, if I'm not mistaken, features on this track. Villagers is just Villagers and that's all you need to know. And hello, new Passenger. Mike went and dropped the bombshell that was Whispers II on us at the end of March, and I may have gone a tiny little bit crazy. A whole new unexpected album. That's 16 brand new songs. You can't do that to a person. It was released at the end of April, and it's another beautiful record. What's even more beautiful is that all the profits are being donated to UNICEF. Could that man get any nicer? 

Many apologies that this post has a misleading photo in the form of James Bay but, like I said, I've not had a very interesting month. Just pretend it's me with straightened hair, wearing a hat and toting a guitar. Seriously: next fancy dress costume sorted.

Until next time, friends. Go forth and let your ears be happy.


01 // The Ocean :: Immy Williams
02 // The Valley :: Wildwood Kin
03 // Pylons :: Eaves
04 // The Soul Serene :: Villagers
05 // Show Me :: Flo Morrissey
06 // Heavy Weather :: Billie Marten
07 // Catch in the Dark :: Passenger
08 // Step Down From It :: Andreas Moe
09 // Take This Body :: Gill Landry
10 // Even If It's A Lie :: Matt Maltese

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