the july playlist


Last weekend I took a quick trip home and spent Friday with my dad enjoying the gorgeous weather in Oxford, which is making me dream of the free time heading my way. In one week and three days I am going to be home for the summer and that is making me so very happy right now. I have three days of placement and one exam to deal with first, but that's purely academic (no pun intended). I can't wait to spend time with my family and, at least for a little while, forget about all the stress that uni causes me. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find tracks for these playlists, as I'm trying not to double up on artists and they keep releasing singles that are better than the last (Years & Years, I'm looking at you), but I'm giving it my best shot. It's been good fun so far, and hopefully I'm still doing an okay job. Here's what July has to offer.

The Kinks feels like the perfect way to start this pre-summer holiday playlist. Forever an awesome song. Fronteers, The Beach, Trevor Sensor, Jimi Charles Moody and Compny have come to my attention when I've been trawling the archives of tmrw magazine in an attempt to catch up. Sourcing half of my playlist from the same place probably counts as some kind of copyright infringement, but never mind. The track from Jack Garratt is the absolute best thing to listen to at night. That session is just something else - thanks Huw Stephens! I've caught myself singing along to Wolf Alice without realising on several occasions, so I'll count it as pretty decent, as is the case with the Lucy Rose track. Her whole album is wonderful, but this song is the one that's grabbed me! And this Petite Meller track is being played an inordinate amount at the moment but I don't even care. It may possibly be my song of the summer. So very good.


01 // Sunny Afternoon :: The Kinks
02 // Youth :: Fronteers
03 // The Reaper Man :: Trevor Sensor
04 // From Above :: The Beach
05 // The Love You're Given (BBC Introducing Live At SXSW) :: Jack Garratt
06 // Other Man :: Jimi Charles Moody
07 // Lovers :: Compny
08 // Like an Arrow :: Lucy Rose
09 // Bros :: Wolf Alice
10 // Baby Love :: Petite Meller

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