spring adventures: adele


I still can't quite get over the fact that this actually happened. Back in December I spent a total of four and a half hours in various online queues, and faced many a 'sold out' screen, before I managed to bag tickets to see Adele live. I can safely say that it was worth every ounce of disappointment and every wasted minute. She is phenomenal. The O2 wouldn't have been my first choice of venue because it's so bloody big, but it coincided with me being home and it's where I managed to nab tickets for. I've never sat so far up in the O2 before (I actually think I've only been once before, ha!) and were it not for the incredible show I don't think I'd have enjoyed it as much as I did - heights aren't for me. It also got stupidly hot, and Rowan wasn't feeling too well so it wasn't the best. But, like I say, I was focussing so much on just how wonderful Adele is that I kind of forgot all these things. Top (completely obvious) tip: take a camera with a decent zoom on. You can't take in SLRs with anything over a 35mm lens, but I was able to take my mum's 30x zoom camera so I actually got some pretty good photographs considering.

Her dress was what my dreams are made of. I read somewhere that it's a bespoke design because she wanted a dress that would mean she'd still be seen in such large venues, and it really does work. It's so sparkly and such a flattering dress and oh my gosh I want it.  I'm not going to post big old spoilers, just in case the one person who reads this is going to see the show and doesn't want it ruined, but it's kind of obvious which song was the opener. It was so cleverly done, and the visuals used through the entire show were really beautiful - Set Fire To The Rain was something else. It made watching a single person in such a massive arena far better than it could have been. It's really difficult to write about this because it was just such an incredible show; she's the most fantastic singer, an absolute sweetheart, and really very funny. I would go and see her again in a heartbeat. One moment which was truly special was when the arena lit up and sang Make You Feel My Love so loud that Brussels could hear us following the awful events of that morning - Adele told us that she'd never been so moved at one of her concerts before and I genuinely believe her. We were "uniting against those f**kers", as she so delicately, yet perfectly, put it.

The following day we went and grabbed some lunch at The Breakfast Club by Borough Market. I'd heard such good things about this place that I was actually kind of disappointed, but it may have been because we didn't arrive early enough for their breakfast menu. Or that last week's was so amazing that nothing will ever live up to it. It wasn't awful, but I certainly wasn't thinking about it for the rest of the day. We'd also intended to go to Vauxhall City Farm but by the time we'd walked off our food it was nearly closing (oops) so instead we headed over to the Science Museum for the last few hours of opening. London's free museums really are a blessing, though I do always donate. I haven't been since I was a kid and it was good fun to just wander round and see all the stuff and, because it's free, not have to worry about seeing everything to make it worthwhile. 

All of the wide angle and fisheye shots were taken using my Olloclip lens - it's an incredible product and is making me think a bit more about what kind of photos I take. How incredible does the Science Museum look? I'm so excited to see what it can do in New York, which is the whole reason I got it! And that will be what I post about next, so you'll be able to see for yourself!

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