spring adventures: birmingham


I'm back again. Another break from dissertation writing. It's quite amusing that I will write when taking a break from writing. Just getting those creative juices flowing. Sidenote: that's actually quite a horrible phrase. Makes me think of what's left at the bottom of the pan after cooking a roast. Unpleasant. I digress. Let's get to the good stuff!
This time round Rowan paid a visit (or two) to me in Birmingham and we saw two incredible gigs and ate more incredible food. You will see a recurring theme, here. First up was Matt Corby. I have waited for so long to see this man and it was worth every second. His support act were Chartreuse who are equally as good and well worth checking out, but we missed the beginning of their set because Ro decided it would be a good idea to leave her purse on the coach. Cue half an hour of reporting it lost and cancelling cards (she has since had it returned to her, thank goodness). We only really missed the first half of a song, maybe, but it did mean that we were fairly far back in the crowd - something which isn't really a problem for me, but is for all 5 foot 1 or so of Rowan. It didn't make for any less wonderful a gig though - that man's voice really is something else, and The Institute (now run by O2 *sadface*) is one of my favourite venues. We followed it by a beautiful lunch at Bill's the next day and a tour of the shops. Top notch.

The following week it was the turn of Oh Wonder. And they were sOH WONDERful (I genuinely thought I was Queen of Wordplay when I came up with that). This was in what used to be called The Library, but is now inventively called Institute2 (way to go with the creativity, O2). Either way, it's the smaller downstairs room in The Institute and it makes for a doubly good gig. As much as I love the main room and all its features, there's something about a smaller gig. Aquilo were the support which is a wonderful thing in itself, and then Oh Wonder just blew us away. We were ridiculously excited about this gig, and it was near perfect (only spoiled by the horrendously screamy girls right behind us, annoying pretty much everyone in that room). It certainly won't be one that I forget any time soon, that's for sure. And that bottom photo which I managed to take may be my favourite ever gig photo. I just love the colours. After a night of dreaming about marrying Anthony (I joke. Maybe), we made our way across town to try out Boston Tea Party. I have only heard good things about this place but I have never found time to go and try it, and oh my goodness. I can't even put it into words. So good. The food was absolutely incredible; I had a big old sweetcorn hash/halloumi/poached egg concoction, coupled with a bagel (bottom half eaten first, as is the correct way according to both myself and Rowan) and a mango and raspberry smoothie. The sweetcorn hash came with avocado, which I hate, but I ate it because the whole thing together was so damn good. I may also have taken advantage of the pretty toilet floor (see the photo that heads this post) to show off my shiny new shoes which I am ridiculously excited about. Don't judge me.

And here lies the end of the third part of my spring adventures. I haven't actually got around to doing the next parts yet, but they will consist of Newton Faulkner, Leon Bridges, Adele (OH MY GOSH) and New York (DOUBLE OH MY GOSH). I look forward to sharing them!

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