spring adventures: london


I am taking a break from dissertation writing to, naturally, write. But this is far more interesting, I'll tell you that right now. I'm currently midway through the longest break from placement I've had in a long while. It's there because we have assignments and a dissertation to write, and then some rather important exams, but God help me if I'm not going to take advantage of that time off and do as many fun and interesting things as possible. When I say 'fun and interesting' I pretty much mean 'go to as many gigs as possible' and then do other things on top of that. Whatevs.

It started in the middle of February with the absolutely incredible Frances (I'm fairly sure I'll say 'incredible' a million times in this post), who was supported by Adam French. My best bud Rowan has been tagging along to all of these gigs. I say 'tagging along' like she doesn't want to. She totally wants to. This particular gig was in the stunning venue that is Union Chapel, in Islington, and it may possibly be my new favourite place on the planet. The interior is something else - such a special place to experience live music - and you get to drink a cuppa whilst watching. What more could you ask for?! Thank you Communion Music for hosting such amazing evenings!

The week after, following an assignment deadline, I returned to my favourite city - London, I know I tell you this far too often, but I really do love you. I went up on the Oxford Tube which, although I don't do it often, is a delight - I get to admire all those houses that I will never in a million years be able to afford and just watch the world go by. This time we got to see EARL and Tor Miller. 'Midnight' is such a beautiful song, I was so excited that I'd get to hear it live. And this was in the tiniest of venues. We ate the best kind of food beforehand at Roadtrip & The Workshop (which is super affordable considering it's London) - hello, pulled pork ciabatta - and then headed down to The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton. It was so beautifully intimate and wonderful and to hear such incredible voices in such a little venue is a real treat. Again, thank you Communion!

We had the whole of the next day to explore London, so we managed to fit in Shoreditch and Hampstead Heath. How I have never visited either is beyond me - they are both so unbelievably pretty. Major building envy. We ate in Spitalfields before having a wander around and then picking up the tastiest cake from The Hummingbird Bakery. We decided we'd go and eat it on Parliament Hill, so caught the tube to Hampstead Heath, grabbed a cuppa and walked right on up there. I'm not sure that I can think of many moments where I have been so content as I was then. I love that London has these spaces where you can just sit and it feels so peaceful and a million miles from the bustle of that city, but you turn around and the skyline is staring you in the face and you remember exactly where you are. Oh, so perfect. We froze our butts off eating cake and watching the sun set and the lights come on. It could not have been better. Well, perhaps a little warmer, but you can't have everything, right?!

I have just reached that point where you realise how ridiculously long and rambly a post is, so I shall split all these adventures into a few posts. Up next: radio stuff, and Birmingham, featuring Matt Corby, Oh Wonder, and some of the best food you ever did see!

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