spring adventures: the end


It makes me sad that this is the last of my posts about what I've been up to the past few months. And I can't believe it's been months. Time has gone far too quickly. But it's been the best fun, and I've loved being able to share it. I managed to cram a fair bit in to the last few weeks before exams and placement (yes, I'm back to that - but not for long!), with two trips to London and a return to Birmingham in the middle of it. Once again it was Rowan who joined me - it's going to be odd not seeing her week after week! 
First on our list was seeing Leon Bridges at the O2 in Brixton. I have been in love with Leon since I first heard his music; I think there's something so fresh about him even though everything about him is from several decades ago. Support was from Andra Day who is an absolutely incredible singer with so much soul. Honestly so beautiful. And then Leon turned up and the party really got started. He's a trained dancer, so half of the performance was that. It was beautiful to see him get so involved in the music and just have a good time. Having the jazz band was great as well. It made for a really good Friday night! And Brixton O2 is a really good venue, as well. It's about a five minute walk from Rowan's flat (winner) and has a really gorgeous interior with a sloping floor, which was a real bonus as it meant that you could see no matter how far back you were (although it did leave our legs feeling a little weird). Ro introduced me to Blues Kitchen in Brixton for brunch and then we just wandered in the afternoon before I headed back home. The sunset was really beautiful, and watching it set whilst driving through London was just dreamy. I love that city.
After I'd returned to Birmingham for my last few weeks of uni, Rowan came to visit and we went to Newton Faulkner at the Institute. It was a ridiculously good gig, and was so much fun. It was one that we both agreed we weren't necessarily the most excited about but he was really impressive. His musical talent is amazing and his stage presence is great, something which comes of ten years' worth of touring, I think. We fell in love with I See Rivers, his support act. They are from Norway and are just these gorgeous ethereal creatures and make the most wonderful music. It was seriously such a good night and Newton turned us into a choir at points and there was dancing and it was just great. Then we did what we usually do a slept for a million hours, went for lunch, and toured Birmingham a little before Ro headed home. 
Our last gig was a ridiculous one to end on. It was Tom Odell. Actual Tom Odell. I was so upset when I saw that his intimate show had sold out, because I was due to receive an email and never did, but I somehow managed to get tickets through DICE. I honestly don't know how it happened, but I was ridiculously excited. So I ended up getting the train down to London and seeing him in Islington at a beautiful little venue. Long Way Down is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I have been looking forward to his new stuff for so long. To hear him play it live in such a small venue was absolutely incredible. He has got such a powerful voice, and yet there's this real vulnerable side to it. I think it'll be one of those gigs that you remember and say 'I saw him at a really tiny venue once' when he's playing these massive shows. Annoyingly I had to get back to Birmingham for uni the next day, so we couldn't do anything interesting. But while we were having lunch in McDonald's (everyone's favourite), we sat by this guy drawing the most incredible comic. I really hope that he makes it in that business because he clearly had such a talent for it. I love the things you stumble across sometimes.

I have honestly had the best few months doing all these incredible things, and I'm so lucky to have been able to. I hope that the summer proves to be just as fun. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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