nick mulvey at shepherd's bush empire


If there is one thing that I miss about my time in Birmingham it is the live music scene. More to the point, it's the fact that I never had to walk more than 20 minutes to get to a gig - something I always took for granted. At the start of my second year of uni, I saw Nick Mulvey play in what is still my favourite venue, Birmingham's Institute. Fast forward just short of three years and I'm in an entirely different venue (the still very beautiful Shepherd's Bush Empire) but feeling just as enchanted by this man's guitar playing as I was back in Brum. I may also add that I appreciate a Birmingham crowd much more than I do a London one. It's the old lady in me, I know, but London crowds have far less respect - a Nick Mulvey gig is not one where loud, drunken heckling is appreciated (though, to be fair, is it appreciated anywhere?) and his lack of acknowledgement to it was proof that he wasn't keen either.

Wake up Now is an album which definitely sees Mulvey develop musically. While First Mind was all about his incredible, layered guitar sounds, this album is a lot bigger - there was certainly a lot more dancing at this gig than there was the last time I saw him! He seems to find so much joy in performing, and you get the sense that it rubs off on the audience. It most definitely had that effect on me; I had the most wonderful evening and came away appreciating the new album a whole lot more.

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